Choose from a large selection of Fire Retardant, to CRIB 5 fire standards, Waterproof fabrics, as well as a choice of Anti-Microbial fabrics fit for the most challenging of healthcare environments. We are also happy to work with Customers Own Material (COM) upon request. We have a wide selection of fabrics from Panaz, SMD, Ashforrd, Agua, C&L and many more. Our fabrics are available in 5 ‘Bands’. Please browse through the table below to see the selection we offer along with their respective specifications.

Ashforrd Plaza

Ashforrd Terrace

Macflex Sintra

Yarwood Dollaro

Ashforrd Leno

Agua Lunar

Macflex Alvor

C&L Manhattan

Ashforrd Oricco

Agua Libra

CTP Mardi Gras

Ashforrd Mezzo

Agua Paint Pot

CTP Colina

Please see the Handy Cleaning Tips for Panaz fabrics, below.

iLiv Burghley

iLiv Collection-1

Agua Linetta

Agua Juno

Agua Nova

Agua Taurus

iLiv Classics

Panaz Contemporary-3


Faux Leather Sierra

Faux Leather Saddle

iLiv Chatsworth

Panaz Darcy

Herringbone Suede

iLiv Nostalgia

Panaz Cadet Colours

Faux Leather Buckden

Panaz Highland

Agua Parody

Panaz Aston

iLiv Milan

Agua Carmina

Panaz Brookland

Agua Cashmir

Panaz Haven

Agua Fusion

Panaz Eve

Panaz Highland-Print

Panaz Vyflex

iLiv Shetland

Agua Snowdon

Panvelle Stretch Plain

Camira Halcyon

Two Way Fabric - Common Options

Many of our chairs can be upholstered in a combination of fabric designs and types. This can be purely for aesthetic reasons, or to cover areas of high wear in fabrics more resilient to the use anticipated in care home environments.

Fabric Option A

End of Arms Only

Fabric Option B

End of Arms and Top of Back

Fabric Option C

End of Arms, Top of Back and Arm Facings

Fabric Option D

End of Arms, Top of Back and Seat Cushion

Fabric Option E

End of Arms,  Top of Back, Arm Facings and Seat Cushion

Fabric Option F

End of Arms, Top of Back, Arm Facings, Seat Cushion and Under Seat Cushion

Fabric Option G

End of Arms, Top of Back and Inside Wings

Fabric Option H

End of Arms, Top of Back, Inside Wings and Seat Cushion

Fabric Option I

Full Arms and Seat Cushion

Fabric Option J

Full Arms, Seat Cushion and Under Seat Cushion

Fabric Option K

End of Arms and Arm Facings

Fabric Option L

End of Arms, Arm Facings and Seat Cushion

Fabric Option M

End of Arms, Arm Facings, Seat Cushion and Under Seat Cushion

The photo to the right shows a finished product using our Two-Way Fabric Option H. The above diagrams illustrate the most commonly requested options for the chairs that we manufacture. Of course, we can offer you a wide range of options; so please ask if you require an alternative specification not displayed above. For your peace of mind, all our chairs are constructed in the UK using solid hardwood frames with a 5 Year Guarantee. All of our fabrics are CRIB 5 Fire Retardant, Water-proof, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal and Stain Resistant. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Panaz Fabric Cleaning