The New Improved Tilt-in-Space for Day Care Recliner Chairs

Available on all of our electric rise and recliner chairs at SCF Healthcare Furniture, the new and improved Tilt-in-Space technology provides even greater comfort for users when utilising the rise and recline functions, read on to find out more.

What is Tilt-in-space: Tilt in Space offers an electrical operated reclining action where the sitter’s posture is maintained, as the whole frame moves. This means that a reclined position can be obtained with no effort or movement on the part of the sitter.

Benefits of Tilt-in-space: The benefit is of body weight being spread over a greater area across the upper thighs and back, changing and reducing pressure points on the body. Also, once the occupant wants to leave the chair they are able to return to a seated position, and can then be lifted and encouraged from seated into a standing position if so desired.

Features of Tilt-in-space: To improve the pressure relief properties and sensory input further, a few models are programmable dynamically to allow the chair to continuously adjust the pressure areas within a designated tilt range. This reduces the need for carers to reposition someone on a regular basis who is unable to adjust their own seating position.

Why choose Tilt-in-space: It is important that people are able to achieve a seating position that enables them to sit upright without too much effort or strain. Conventional reclining chairs have the potential to cause discomfort as the back rest is operated independently of the seat. As the angle of the back rest opens or closes during operation this can cause a subtle feeling of elongating or squeezing the body, and the slight adjustment often required by the sitter to compensate during this movement may be a cause of discomfort. The tilt-in-space removes any strain or discomfort on the user.

When considering a new healthcare chair, particularly of this type, SCF have experts on hand to offer sound advice and demonstrations of the chair at your care home or alternatively, our showroom

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Chairs available Tilt-in-Space include the, Emerald, Liberty, and Sunbury which is illustrated below